Roll Out!

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Great stuff over at Nakatomi Inc.



N.A.S.A. Launches!

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Money (feat. David Byrne, Chuck D, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge, & Z-Trip)

I <3 Girls

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Very inspiring digital painting videos from idrawgirls.


Sopranos F-Bombin’

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Rodriguez Steroids

Hey A-Rod, thanks for nothing you dick.

Baseball is officially dead to me… The culture of baseball is forever tarnished with all the conspiracies and deception which Major League Baseball KNOWINGLY covered up.  At least there’s still Derek Jeter. I hope.


Jayson Stark put it best in his ESPN column:

The all-time hits leader (Mr. Peter E. Rose) won’t be in the Hall of Fame.

The all-time home run leader (assuming that’s where A-Rod’s highway leads him) won’t be in the Hall of Fame.

The man who broke Hank Aaron’s career record (Barry Bonds) won’t be in the Hall.

The man who broke Roger Maris’ single-season record (Mark McGwire) won’t be in the Hall.

The man who was once the winningest right-handed pitcher of the live-ball era (Roger Clemens) won’t be in the Hall.

The man with the most 60-homer seasons in baseball history (Sammy Sosa) doesn’t look like he’s headed for the Hall, either.

Breakin’ In

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Daily Dose

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