2008, Officially In The Books

Undisclosed Secret Location, CA – Pesky 2008 has finally taken an exit stage right, much to the delight of humanity abroad. Don’t get me wrong, many a good thing happened in ’08 – Obama won the presidency, the Yankees landed CC and Texiera, I whooped mucho ass in Mario Kart DS, gas prices dropped back down to a manageable price and Large Professor dropped a classic solo album keepin’ Queens on the map for those of us who know what Hip Hop stands for. It was also a shitty year where the American Dream plummeted into the depths of depravity, senseless wars raged on and the greedy managed to fuck the world out of what seemed like everyting worth living for. Optimism stooped to an all time low and the glass went from half empty or half full to just another fucking glass filled with shit not worth drinking because of impurities. Yeah I’m a little lit right now, but I’ve managed to keep my head above water and buck the system enough to stay ahead however small the margin may be, so I reserve the right to rant if I choose to. I’m a family man no longer interested in living beyond the edge because there’s nothing else. Futures are at stake. So take a moment and lift your Heinekens up and salute what is to come in 2009, for better or for worse… I got some RockBand 2 to get to. Konichiwa muhfuhkahz, keep it Shaolin.


~ by vargucci on January 1, 2009.

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  1. Queens!

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