Carlucci’s 2Late2Hate

Opening Reception: 7 – 10pm Saturday, December 1st 2007
Exhibition Dates: December 1st – December 3rd 2007
Location: The Showroom 117 2nd Ave and 7th St Curated by James Curtright

2 LATE 2 HATE 2 is an exhibition of artwork by the late Carlucci Bencivenga (AKA ELF MPC) and over 50 artists who contributed works for sale to raise money to archive and publish the work of Carlucci.

The title of the exhibition refers to the name of Carlucci’s final solo exhibition, 2 LATE 2 HATE. Carlucci was a prolific artist whose body of work ranged from painting and printmaking to graffiti and noise performances. He was a luminary of the Lower East Side art scene and an integral thread in the community that has woven throughout the neighborhood over the past 15 years. Carlucci was an avant-garde artist whose art was his life and life was his art, intrinsically referencing movements such as CoBrA and the Viennese Actionists. Over 50 friends and colleagues donated 8” x 11″ˇ works on paper to be sold for $50 each.

Featured artists include:

Jose Parla – Dutch Masterson – Kondor8 – Craig Klein – Kosuke Aoki – Carlucci Bencivenga – Steve Ellis -Jack Robinson – Ben Dory – Fiona Pippa – Tony Arcabascio – Apollo Braun – Sabe – Adam Brown – Pedro Arieta – Mark Foster – Alison Silva – Mr. Bee – Spar – Morgan Phillips – Shinsuke Aso – Tim Allen – Hans – Peter Kato – Dave Tree – Tim Diet – Tillamook Cheddar – Mayuka Nobuta – Maggie Monaco – Jun Sugai – Luke Litman – Alan Rod – bJames – Jen Props – Wombat – Zito – Isabelle and Ferdinand – Faust – Des – Angie Chavez – Dice – Jest – Kymber Lee – Mint 1134 – Serf 1134 – Filth – Falcon – Brian Procell – Sally Feelds – Jerome Henderson – Heather Cross – Nigwig – JK5 – Wys One – Amsr – Aiko Nakagawa – Haculla




~ by vargucci on November 30, 2007.

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