CHINO BYI Blog on 12oz Prophet

Anyone who knows or has met Chino knows he’s got more stories to tell and photos to look at than anyone. Peep his blog, you’ll be hooked.



~ by vargucci on October 31, 2007.

9 Responses to “CHINO BYI Blog on 12oz Prophet”

  1. hey im 15 and i started writing a few monthes back i started writing chino cause all my friends called me that cause i look chinese and that means chinese in spanish i just heard about you and i wanted to know how did you get your name

  2. yo yo Just wanted to send you the finished much crisper Shaker piece,, After all I did It and have some sort of rep to keep


  3. Chino Rocks

  4. send me yo email

  5. byi

  6. wass good Chino,Love ya work,look up to ya
    but i wanted to know whats your Race?

  7. What up killer! Seems like I haven’t seen you in over a decade! Got word that IZ passed away a lil too late. Hope all is well in the the concrete jungle.
    I still have a milk crate full of spray paint for that wall we never did!

  8. SLIN from Bushwich?

    SMK BYI-

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