The Patriots are parallel to the Government

Lies, deception and bending the rules… (at least the Patriots win)



~ by vargucci on September 14, 2007.

4 Responses to “The Patriots are parallel to the Government”

  1. Fantastic post. LOVE it.

  2. they all cheat,not just the patriots you moroon.PatFan

  3. David- if everyone cheats, then they’re the worst at it because they got caught AFTER the NFL notified all teams the recording was illegal. I think you meant to write ‘moron’

    They’re still the best team in the NFL. Man up and admit they cheated and that’s it. Done and done.

  4. The Patriots would not be where they are without the cheating. first of all they should of lost all there picks including the seventh overall pick they got from the niners. Their perfect record should have an asterisk next to it in the hall of fame!

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