Type geeks unite!

A great idea come to fruition at Typography Kicks Ass!



~ by vargucci on September 12, 2007.

One Response to “Type geeks unite!”

  1. ‘Once a week we all sit together and go through ideas for t-shirts. We pick one from the bunch, develop it and start printing it as t-shirt of the week. Once the week is up we stop the press and move on to the next one. So keep your eye on the website for the latest t-shirt of the week or sign up for the weekly alert email at http://www.howies.co.uk/tshirtalert’

    Find this weeks t-shirt attached

    This one is called Lighten Up and is for all the font nerds amongst you.

    Did you know..? Helvetica was designed way back in 1957 by a Mr Max Miedinger.

    The name Helvetica comes from ‘Confoederatio Helvetica’, the Latin name for Switzerland.

    Helvetica has been used for a zillion products and services, including American Airlines,
    Lufthansa, Jeep, the New York subway and is the font on your iPod or iPhone interface,
    NASA even used it on the Space Shuttle.

    She is a true beauty that’s for sure (I think if Helvetica was a woman she would be dynamic,
    stylish – yet understated, flexible and rather popular).

    So with a wink and a nod, here’s our little tribute.


    For any more information give me a shout


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