R.I.P. Elf MPC

I’ll never forget your tool box of goodies at SVA. Bomb the heavens.



~ by vargucci on September 5, 2007.

5 Responses to “R.I.P. Elf MPC”

  1. http://web.mac.com/schizophrenia_1980/iWeb/Site/RIP%20Carlucci.html
    Rest In Peace

  2. Just thinking of u Carlucci.I hope u r doing alot of art work in the heavens.I know u will inspire alot of people up there in heavens. I miss u buddy.
    Not MPC

  3. My first Graphitti partner; truly one of the greatest talents I’ve ever had the pleasure in meeting. I’ll never forget you Bro. MPC Forever, Charlie

  4. Just thinking about the past.The painting,the racking,the castle you called home.Say hello to Paulie and Jimmy for me.Void SFI IA

  5. Dam Elf,to many good times:from racking paint and art supplies too being down for what ever when ever..R.I.P. My friend until we meet again! remember we still have finish killin those D layups: we got raid at 205th in the Bronx….and I never got you to go back…LETONE MRMASON411@AIM.COM

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