NYC: Photographers flip on MTA

…by staging a protest against the proposed ban on photography in New York City subways. It started at Grand Central, which was appropriate, as it is a frequent target for both photobloggers, tourists, and terrorists. A quick count revealed that reporters and press photographers outnumbered protesters by about five to one. The protesters themselves were a motley bunch: off-duty reporters in beat-up sneakers, unshaven urban explorers, and three or four detached looking photobloggers lingering at the edges.

After mean mugging each other for twenty minutes, the group proceeded to the subway, where they rode the 6 downtown to 14th Street, the L across to the West Side, the C up to 42nd, and the Shuttle back to Grand Central again. Highlights of the ride included a near altercation with police at Union Square (well, they actually just asked some of the photographers to stop leaning against the barricades, but their tone was impolite), intimidation of a shy conductor trying to close the doors on the L (“Get him! He’s trying to shield his face!”), and endless, endless, endless photographing of other photographers. The point was made: if a group of 50 photographers rampaging through the system is this harmless, surely the ban on photography is a stupid, ill-conceived, wasteful, and unnecessary measure.


*repost from Gothamist


~ by vargucci on August 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “NYC: Photographers flip on MTA”

  1. what?! you can’t shoot photos on the subway?

    sounds lame.

  2. That’s a shame! The subway is place where you can take lots of really good shot! They shouldn’t do that!

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