Black Sites are Green

“Black Google would save 750 MWh (Mega Watt hours) a year.”

“Why doesn’t every big site adopt a black background – MSN, Yahoo, Amazon, etc.?”
Waiting for designers to make the difference… Start by switching your background to black. Use Blackle instead of Google and save energy!

Apple’s front page is now black, perhaps a small step in the conservation game.


~ by vargucci on August 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “Black Sites are Green”

  1. I recommend using istead of those other blackgoogles just because of the fact that Greenergle is getting people also into its idea of following 10 easy rules to save energy.

    Plus its much nicer design and therefore more userfriendly and easier to your eyes.
    I have used it now for a week instead of google and have to say that it also has put me to think about green issues more than before… it reminds me to switch of the monitor and be wiser with these computers. Feeling greener here 😀

  2. That greenergle is fab! All I need really and easy to me eyes too 🙂

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