Get Ready to RUMBLLLLLLE!!!

Fist-A-Cuffs 4: Where drawings are voted to the death and the streets run black with ink.

If you want to be apart of FACA4 email
Label the email “FACA4.” I will email you back the rules and specs for the new tournament.

FACA4 will be different- it will be going back to TAG-TEAM match ups- which you and a friend/enemy will have to draw the two fighters… But this time- you will have to get a third person to draw a making it more of a three on three event.

With SMAKTALK – I see the MANAGER as being the voice of the group, also think back at all the great Managers who cheated and or distracted- to win the match for his team. This character is a very important addition to the FACA family.

The artists names in this TOURNAMENT will again be withheld, but this time- as soon as you are ousted from the tournament- you will be able to reveal who did what.

FACA4 will begin in September.



~ by vargucci on July 23, 2007.

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