ZBrush 3 Manual+Practical Guide: Official!


It has arrived! You can snag the PDF right here!

Does anyone have the reference manual (not the practical manual) for ZBrush 2 in PDF form? I would be eternally grateful for any leads on that since I am still stuck in the past until I can upgrade to an Intel based Mac.

Speaking of which… (**WARNING** SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION!!) – check out APT.1Apparel and buy something. Anything. It goes towards a good cause… A shiny new G5! …and saving baby seals. Really, it does…



~ by vargucci on July 9, 2007.

7 Responses to “ZBrush 3 Manual+Practical Guide: Official!”

  1. Thanks for this service!

  2. Thank you for the guides

  3. thank you for the guides

  4. 10x a lot

  5. What it is ?

  6. please help me to learn modeling in the 3d max & zbrush.

  7. Thax 4 tha guide

    From a very new newbie(so new to this ==.>

    i will be glade to ge more material for more workx n study

    ps. wanna learn 3d animation and game creation 2.

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